Counselor Mamdouh Nakhla calls for amending the US nationality law Counselor Mamdouh Nakhleh, in his capacity as legal representative of the American Word Organization, sent a letter to President Donald Trump, Head of the Immigration and Nationality Department (USCIS) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), a proposal for a bill to amend Article 1028 of the US Nationality Law to include adding the following clauses to the aforementioned article It is permissible, by decision of the President or the Department of Homeland Security, to withdraw US citizenship from a person convicted of committing any of the following acts 1 Publicly burning the American flag 2 Receive funds from an organization outside or inside America for the purpose of committing terrorist acts 3 Receive any support from organizations or entities, even for charitable, social or religious purposes that are classified as terrorist, whether inside or outside America, such as the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, or Hezbollah 4 Join a group or organization calling for chaos or disturbing US national security, such as the Antifa movement.

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