Offering home for the neglected

The Word Organization For Rights and Development (WORD)

Professional and Experienced Service

We offer hope to people who no one else may care about.

We provide worthwhile employment to handicapped people, Asylee, Immigrants, homeless, survivors of domestic violence, and others from all walks of life.
WORD also will sponsor activities for handicapped people, handicapped, Asylee, Immigrants, homeless, survivors of domestic violence; assists them to find proper housing, transportation, or medical attention.
WORD will focus on serving those in rural areas in Maryland and that is generally economically depressed and suffers from a relatively high unemployment rate, hence few job opportunities for the handicapped, Asylee, Immigrants, homeless and other marginalized groups in the society.
Our primary purpose is to help Asylee, Immigrants, homeless persons improve their job skills through on-the-job training, help immigrants and Asylee understand the American values and culture of human rights and democracy.
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